Finally, A Blow-In We Can Support

February 17th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Think for a moment about how your read magazines. Hmm, okay, don’t bother as what we’re about to say probably has nothing to do with that. Except for the part where we suspect major personality traits are revealed by how one approaches reading magazines. Like, for instance, ours says that we are easy-going, happy, and ready to face life as we encounter it.

Also that we have multiple personalities and should probably cut down on carbs.

The husband, before hitting the table of contents, purges his magazines of every single blow-in…those little cards designed to irritate you into subscribing. We, living our life of bliss and such, see each card as a milestone. We stack them neatly on the coffee table, using them as handy bookmarks. Neither approach results in reading said items. Unless the pictures are pretty, which is what we’re hoping for the World Book Day organizers. That dull red (presumably eye catching) and arctic white are like “said” to us.

Why doesn’t this stuff ever happen in the United States? Or did we not get a memo?

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