Legal Desk: Exaggerations Happen

March 8th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We cannot be bothered to put much energy into the Da Vinci case. It is too silly for words, though we do appreciate the fact that the British taxpayers are covering the costs for the most intriguing marketing campaign of the season. Yes, we are counting the James Frey scandal in our reckoning.

So in addition to increasing sales for Holy Blood, Holy Grail, at least one of the authors has suggested that the case he filed was a bit…broader than strictly necessary. There’s a phrase, something like casting a wide net, fishing expedition, hoping nobody’s paying attention. Only someone was — heck the judge adjourned the trial to read the books; it was bound to be noticed.

In other news, if you’re driving by in a mobile Starbuck’s van (wouldn’t that be nice? Door-to-door delivery), please stop by the BS office. Thanks.

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