Our Innate Nosiness

September 1st, 2004 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

Sure, we could send a lengthy, private email to ask all of our questions, but that’s not our style. So here’s yet another question for the birthday girl (she’s so regretting offering to drop by for a visit, but she’ll be enjoying her long weekend before she knows it):

Now that you’ve finished checking your Amazon rankings for the billionth time, talk to us about alpha males. What works for alpha and what doesn’t? Do you think alpha males have gotten a bad rap in recent years? It seems to us that with stronger female characters the trend is toward even stronger male characters — do we need to get out of the house more or are we seeing a legitimate trend?

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  • Gena Showalter // Sep 2, 2004 at 5:19 am

    Ah, Alpha males. I love them, adore them, can’t write anything but them. They’re just so strong and commanding. Excuse my shiver of delight. What works for me is an alpha male who fights to protect his woman (no matter the cost), is mentally and physically strong, is unendingly courageous, stands up for what he believes in, (flexes his muscles occasionally), and knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. The trouble is, the “knowing what he wants and not being afraid to go after it” part can be taken too far. You don’t want a hero who is cruel, in words or actions, or a hero who physically forces the heroine to do things. He needs to be strong, yes, but a protector too. That’s the key. Bottom line, you have to create a hero who makes you want to swoon into his arms so he can sweep you up and carry you to his bedroom. If you aren’t able to f all in love with your hero, the reader won’t be able to either.

    Now, as I’m creating a hero, I like to imagine an alpha male I fell in love with in a movie. That gives me a very vivid picture. For me, it’s (usually) Brad Pitt in Troy. That character is already alive in my mind (and very naked). Excuse my second shiver of delight. Anyhoodles (this topic brings out my very feminine side), Brad was very alpha in that movie but very gentle with his woman — well, besides that minor choking incident, but the woman ran right into his hands, I tell you! And by gentle I do not mean he allows her to verbally trample him. He gives as good as he gets without being a meanie.

    Remember, if the character makes you shudder with distaste, you’ve created a villain instead of a hero. I’m sure this totally did not answer your question, but I find myself always veering on the topic of Brad Pitt whenever this question comes up . . .