So Many Questions, So Few Answers

May 24th, 2005 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

Let us see if we have this straight: Author writes memoir about being raised by wolves after escaping from the Holocaust (well, not exactly raised). Publisher publishes book. Publisher decides not only to terminate marketing plans, but also to defraud other of royalties. Author sues. Author earns more than she thought humanly possible. We are not sure, but we suspect the folks at Mt. Ivy Press might want to revisit their business strategy. That’s a lot of money to lose in such a pathetic manner.

Though we are filled with questions (what constitutes a bestseller in Europe, what is “interest” when it comes to the Walt Disney company, how did Mt. Ivy think this would go unnoticed?), we are without answers. This is the type of story we’d love to see actually be researched and reported because the pieces simply don’t fit, and we do so like our news to make sense. Until then, the words of others express what’s in our heart so much better than our paltry efforts:

Whoa, whoa… $32.4 million? Cared for by a pack of wolves?

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  • Lorra // May 24, 2005 at 12:16 pm

    Thank you. Now I have the topic for my next novel – sci-fi of course – can’t wait to interview all involved. What institution did you say they were in?