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Thinking Marketing Thoughts

May 24th, 2005 · Comments Off on Thinking Marketing Thoughts

We know, we know. You’re saying, “Booksquare, what does advertising have to do with us? We are writers. We demand information.” We, in response, will stroke our chin and gaze off into space. Finally, after a long pause fraught with whatever it is that fraughts pauses, we will say, “Young Grasshopper, you have so much […]

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In Our Continuing Series of Electronic Publishing Rants, Episode IV

May 22nd, 2005 · 4 Comments

If you were paying attention back in 1998 (and, given the general dreariness of that year, we do not blame you for snoozing), you would have learned that the future was now (leaving you to wonder what it would be in the future) and that ebooks would be the medium of choice for all readers. […]

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In Which We Confess to Our Secret Life as a Lamb

May 18th, 2005 · 1 Comment

We don’t believe in much, but we do believe in the collective unconscious. It fascinates us how certain themes seem to resonate through the ether, settling here, touching down there, moving on, only to reappear in another form. This week, it is the notion that you must be something to write about it. Our very […]

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The Duck Test

May 18th, 2005 · 3 Comments

The latest post over at BookAngst 101 (we hear Mad Max will be appearing at a blogging panel at BEA in a costume; we are so hoping for a giant white bunny, but we’ve had dreams crushed before) is like the duck test. It looks like a rant, feels like a rant, walks like a […]

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It Is, Apparently, Subtext Week

May 17th, 2005 · Comments Off on It Is, Apparently, Subtext Week

Last night, we attended a learned lecture where the importance of subtext was discussed, at length, with examples. Also Gloria Gaynor came up, though we’re still not sure why. Today we encounter yet another discussion on that very same subject. With examples. We do so love examples. Our notes from last night are written in […]

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Booksquare Has a Wild Weekend

May 15th, 2005 · 6 Comments

We realize it’s hard to believe, but it was a crazy weekend here at Booksquare. First, we made a rare journey from the headquarters into the public sphere (publice sphere = no pajamas). While it should go without saying, the State of California should revisit its driver’s license policy. Far too many of those on […]

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Getting Into A Rhythm

May 12th, 2005 · Comments Off on Getting Into A Rhythm

We are dashing around this morning so this article on routine which we’ve been saving for a free moment is especially apt. To quote: Most artists work as the rest of us do, incrementally, day by day, according to their own habits. That most art does not rise above the level of routine has nothing […]

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The Font Is Not The Story

May 10th, 2005 · 5 Comments

Let us suggest that HelenKay Dimon is a nice person. She does stuff like warn people before she offends them. We do not pause for such niceties, meaning we’re going to leap right in to the best method for word count we’ve heard this week*. Here’s my new answer: You actually have to count each […]

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In Which We Advocate Heavy Drinking

April 29th, 2005 · 7 Comments

First, let us congratulate Mad Max on his pending promotion. Assistant Manager, Mailroom Operations is a huge leap, and we hope his new responsibilities (including alphabetizing packages) won’t cut into his blogging time. Wait, it already has — he’s padding his blog with the work of others. He’s using some fancy-schmancy title, but it all […]

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Others Work So That We Don’t Have To

April 26th, 2005 · 4 Comments

Here’s the deal — Jill Monroe is supposed to step in and return this blog to a higher level of discourse (education of youth and stuff). Due to browser issues (use Firefox, refresh cache, save the world from our rants, not that we’re offering advice or anything), she’s unable to get to our reliable system. […]

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