The Biggest Piece of Advice Ever Given A Bat

January 12th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

A not-so-secret BS secret is that we have serious weakness for geeky guys. The dopier, dweebier, nerdier, the better. That’s not to imply that Edrants or his “friend”, Bat Segundo, are nerds, but, heck, they interviewed Chris Elliott. Yeah, that Chris Elliott.

Subjects Discussed: Lack of sleep from both parties, the lure of money, the Chris Elliott persona vs. the real Chris Elliott, Jack the Ripper, parodies, Alan Moore’s From Hell, research, trying to read while acting, on being declared an idiot, Get a Life, on whether the Chris Elliott persona gets tiresome, Carrot Top, cross-dressing, atmospheres with disparate historical artifacts, Cabin Boy and Tim Burton, support groups, Jack Finney’s Time and Again, Yoko Ono, Theodore Roosevelt, typewriters, how Bob Elliott became involved with Daddy’s Boy, mangled language, the editing process at Miramax Books, Paul McCartney, the Paul Guinan-Boilerplate controversy, nepotism, illustrations, infantile humor, the other side of Chris Elliott, Robin Williams, comic archetypes vs. acting, and the biggest piece of advice given to Elliott by David Letterman.

Mr. Segundo will be emerging from his, uh, stupor soon to kick of a series of exciting podcasts. You’ve been warned.

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