The Daily Square – This Town’s a Riot Edition

June 16th, 2009 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Todays links of interest:

  • Publisher of ‘Harry Potter’ denies plagiarism
    Setting aside the obvious aspect of the headline (what, they’re going to say, Oh yeah, totally plagiarized?), welcome to this week’s lawsuit.
  • The Digital Age and RWA: A Call for Change
    Deidre Knight discusses serious issues relating to digital publishing and the ongoing debate within RWA.
  • How Much Do Novelists Make? (Part 2 of 3)
    Sadly, not much.
  • BookNet Canada says farewell to Michael Tamblyn, announces new CEO
    Michael Tamblyn, one of the top Michaels in the publishing industry, leaves BookNet Canada and joins ShortCovers. Noah Genner replaces Tamblyn at BookNet.
  •, Digital Publishing and Jeff Bezos
    File under things that drive me crazy. When Dennis Johnson of Melville Press says, Because nobody can make a book that sells for $9.99, what he really means is that certain publishers who play in a higher priced yard have created a business model that makes it hard for them sell a book at this price point. But nobody? That statement is challenged by the publishers who manage to do this every day.
  • Christian group sues for right to burn gay teen novel
    Well, technically, they’re demanding the right to burn a book purchased with public funds. Nobody is stopping them from buying their own copy and lighting a bonfire. Of course, this publicity stunt is likely costing a cash-strapped jurisdiction far too much money. Here’s hoping the judge demands these ding-dongs reimburse the government for costs incurred.

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