This Lobster Walks Into A Bar

September 21st, 2004 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

Did you know there were two books about lobsters out there? In addition to the zillion other lobster books, we mean. Apparently one lobster book has gone back for seven printings. Not bad for an animal we’re afraid of (ever since the night one, trying out for our dinner, waved at us — we were intimidated indeed).

No really, the things we learn from the Pitching series at MediaBistro are amazing. Sorry, channeling Rodney Bingenheimer there. What we meant to say is if you do smart non-fiction (probably not about lobsters — we suspect the market is getting saturated) or really great women’s fiction or excellent crime fiction, Stuart Krichevsky, a one-man shop with a great list and reputation, might be your guy. He’s a bit picky and bit busy, but read the article and learn how not to ruin your chances with him.

  • Pitching an Agent: The Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency (Note: subscription required)

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