This Week’s Agent Phrase: Upmarket Women’s Fiction

February 15th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

If we weren’t so lazy (and the chances of that changing are pretty much nil to none), we’d compile a dictionary of literary descriptions. Or a thesaurus. Or both. Wait, the husband is all excited about folksonomies — maybe that would be the right approach. We may actually have to pay attention the next time he rants and raves.

So, Wendy Sherman, publishing alumnus (? — it strikes us that the older we get, the worse our Latin) and recently joined by Tracy Brown, has this agency. She likes brilliant use of language; he likes journalists who go deep into their stories. She goes for voice; he’s into literary fiction. Neither is into the genre scene. We presume they have trust funds in addition to talented clients. Both like the old-fashioned approach and strong queries.

Vitals: Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc., 450 Seventh Ave, Ste 3004, New York, NY, 10123, (212) 279-9027, (212) 279-8863 (fax).

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