Totally Useless Information

June 9th, 2004 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

We have followed the news from Hollywood this past week with our usual half-asleep-at-the-wheel approach. But there has been a disturbing trend (which may or may not affect National politics…that’s not our area of expertise) we feel needs a little clarification. This is probably only of interest for anyone writing about the movie biz (please do — we can’t work up the energy to relive a single moment of that torture). It is said that you’re not anyone in this town unless you’ve been fired. Apparently, because this is the town that invented failing upward (or refined it, depending on your perspective), being escorted out of the building by security is a stepping stone to a higher paying job. Firing is accomplished in one of two ways: you resign to form your own production company (aka the Golden Parachute route) or you resign for personal reasons (in which a workaholic suddenly expresses a desire to spend time with a formerly foreign concept: family). Not that we’re saying anything about anything.

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