What Ever Happened to Sibling Rivalry?

June 12th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We hope you are sitting down. Preferably with a stiff drink in hand. Because we are about to reveal something so scandalous, it will change the way you think about books…oh, sorry, we were just informed that The Post article referenced below has been in our “Comment Upon Someday” file for a long time — we were just waiting for the right moment. And here it is. As it turns out, not every cover quote is, um, the honest-to-god truth. In fact, authors have a lot of reasons for giving them…some of which are entirely selfish! Yes, you read it here: some authors give quotes to boost their own careers. We can forgive self-promotion (as noted previously, we are unusually immune to advertising). What we have a harder time forgiving is the fawning cover quote on Gemma Townley’s When In Rome. The endorser: one Sophie Kinsella. The problem: they’re sisters.

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