When You Must Tell The Truth

January 12th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The powers behind BS are cheap and easy (mostly easy), and when a friend says, “Hey, I’m teaching some online courses at Writer’s Digest, can you give me a shout-out?”, we say, “Uh, sure, what’s in it for us?”

Nothing as it turns out, but that’s never stopped our fingers from posting, posting, posting. Longtime Friend-of-Booksquare* Cindy Wathen is teaching a series of courses of interest to non-fiction writers. Though recent news has been sketchy on this concept, it’s mostly about not Making Stuff Up. Cindy will be guiding you through “Writing the Nonfiction Book Proposal,” “Fundamentals of Nonfiction”, and “How to Write a Query Letter.”

Remember, our New Year’s policy is to hardly ever steer you wrong.

* – Also known as someone who will not spill dark secrets even if we had them. And we don’t.

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