Where Is That 27-Hour Day When You Need It?

August 17th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Just the other night, our friend Jim was complaining that he had fewer hours in a day than most people. We, being difficult and annoying, questioned him closely until our cross-examination revealed that Jim, indeed, has fewer hours in the day than most people. It’s simply a matter of defining hours as “time to spend on the Internet*”.

Today, we feel much like Jim**. So many cool things to explore and share, so little time. Of course our cats don’t begrudge any time we spend on our vocation, but they do require grossly overpriced food. Thus we must focus on the always-evil work. So while we work on a longer piece (perhaps it will be two given the divergence of topics), we’re going to throw a few shorter items at you.

Starting with…yes, another article on the music industry. We simply want authors to think about the parallels between the new markets being explored in music to new markets for books. And, as always, to remind everyone to know and understand what their contract says. Even you, Jill.

* – Yes, we’re aware that Wired recently declared the capitalized Internet over. We are waiting for a few second opinions before leaping off the bandwagon.

** – Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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