Why, Tell Us, Why?

July 16th, 2004 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

Why does the Wall Street Journal keep so much content under lock and key? Why does The Washington Post have a such a complex registration process? And, why would Michel Dansel (The Train to Nowhwere) write 233 pages without a verb? According to Publisher’s Lunch, an author in France has done just this. We’d love to start our day with answers to at least our final question, but really don’t want to hassle with the WSJ. We really want to understand why we would want to suffer this for so long:

In that carriage, between the grumpy woman oozing vulgarity and the similarly asinine creature with her, the progenitor and her eczematous brat, the purple-faced fatso, the half-bald
guy like a vegetarian may-bug, the verbose matinee idol and the crazy witch, no room for me.

Update: Mark Sarvas asks the question we went so far as to type and delete, thinking the use of “oozing” was some sort of linguistic reverse duck test (it looks like a verb, walks like a verb…). Plus, we’ve pretty much forgotten all of our French, so maybe something was lost in the translation?

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