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January 25th, 2005 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

Eagle-eyed Booksquare readers have no doubt noticed a new link* over there on the right. Yes, there’s a new blog in town, and we’re excited about it for a few reasons. First, of course, is that we’ve been invited to be a columnist for the blog (same crankiness, real name). Terminology’s a bit off, but you know what we mean. Second, and this is really cool, the blog is prototyping (and we use the word in the best possible sense of the word) a different concept in genre fiction communities.

If we may…(and heck, only three other people in the world can stop us) genre fiction is different from literary fiction in that there seems to be more reader/author interaction. More than that, more reader/author overlap. We’re sure this is true in literary fiction, but we see the direct correlation more in mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and romance (we’re not so sure about Westerns, but then, we’re not so sure about Westerns). Genre fiction seems to build a sense of community that other fiction doesn’t. Romancing the Blog is the first real attempt to bring together the reader-reviewer-writer-agent-other facets into a single umbrella. And if we hadn’t screwed up the metaphor…

* – And, sadly, it reminds how far behind we are on link maintenance. We’re getting there. We promise. It’s not personal, it’s that we have emotional problems. But we probably shouldn’t admit that.

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