Are You, Too, Looking To Connect To the National Conversation About Literary Life?

February 23rd, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We rarely focus on freelance opportunities because, well, the entire BS team is lazy. It takes a lot of sleep to keep a media empire running. Of course, we don’t want to hold you back. Hmm.

No, no, that’s the truth. We do want you to go forth and succeed. There are many opportunities for writers out there, but today we found one that is so perfectly suited to those who write (how about that? A writing opportunity tailor made for writers. What will they think of next). It’s turns out that Poets & Writers is chock full of freelance gigs.

Poets & Writers magazine connects writers to each other, to the industry and to the national conversation about the literary life,” says senior editor Kevin Larimer. “Our audience is made up primarily of poets and writers of literary prose. It’s a magazine for creative writers who are seriously engaged in the culture of literature and who understand that publication, while certainly a part of a writer’s life, is by no means the only valuable aspect of it.”

We think that means use lots of big words and complex sentences, but we’re not great at analyzing things before a full dose of caffeine.

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