Monday Morning Reading, October Style

October 3rd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Cover to Angel of ForgetfulnessWe begin Monday with the uncomfortable knowledge that it’s (and we surely do not know how this happened) October. Meaning we are now approximately ten months behind on several projects. The question before us now is whether it better to become an overachiever or set our personal all-time record for procrastination?

Over at the Litblog Co-Op discussion about The Angel of Forgetfulness has taken a surprising twist. Author Steve Stern makes the rapid transition from author to blogger (this is a refreshing twist on an old standard). After reading the discussion between Dan Green and Derik Badman, Stern decided to join the conversation about the book — opening up the story for new-to-Stern readers. It’s a fascinating look at the novel and the mind behind it. Ami Greko and Paul Slovak, publicity and editorial, also join the dialogue, expanding on their roles.

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