We’re Always Behind The Times, But Somerset Maugham Is Our Fantasy Man

January 19th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Granted, the beauty of fantasy men is that they’re not real, but we never let that distract us. Probably every blog and its brother has linked to this story about Bookslut and its human, but we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t march really slowly because of days of email to slog through.

Did anyone catch that blogs are over (see previous posts)? Really a shame, because, what with being easy to publish and all, blogs are the next big thing. Publishers are getting it: hey, these people read our stuff and like it. Maybe we can do some business. Bloggers aren’t in it for the riches and stuff. They’re addressing Brenda’s issue (in a manner of speaking…it’s a person, even if they have a dopey name like ours). Niches are being built.

Also, this is the community the Web promised us back in the olden days. Except nobody really wanted to learn HTML and dial-up was slow and bulletin boards remain far too much work.

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