Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

March 24th, 2005 · 5 Comments
by Booksquare

We feel a bit voyeuristic this morning. Our neighbor, The Happy Booker, has been behaving rather suspiciously, what with all her primping and cleaning. The latter we attributed to the equinox, but when we saw the unmistakable golden glow of candles and heard the sultry jazz, we couldn’t resist pressing our nose to her window. We saw him! A gentleman caller. Right her in our neighborhood.

After running his plates, we discovered he is Alan Cheuse, NPR reviewer and, well, in his own words:

“Hello, my name’s Alan…and I haven’t read fiction since eight thirty this morning.”

My reading habits probably aren’t much different than most fiction addicts. I have a stash at my bedside, on the table in the livingroom, in piles in my office and, of course, in the bathroom. Because I review weekly for NPR and monthly for a number of newspapers around the country I take the most methodical approach with the books in my office.

Now the sounds of binding cracking make sense. Our wild imagination had gone in an entirely different direction.

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  • The Happy Booker // Mar 24, 2005 at 7:03 pm

    I laughed out loud when I read this! Book Square, you are truly wonderful–next time, you should be my dinner guest! Wendi

  • Booksquare // Mar 24, 2005 at 8:01 pm

    I’ll bring the Champagne cocktails…

  • The Happy Booker // Mar 24, 2005 at 8:20 pm

    You’re on! (we should have a women-who-blog brunch!)

  • Booksquare // Mar 24, 2005 at 8:35 pm

    Excellent idea. Though it begs the question of what to wear. My blogging attire, while fashionable, isn’t quite appropriate for fine dining (and we are talking fine dining, are we not?). I suppose I could ditch the fuzzy slippers…but no, they are so warm. And the stilettos come with built-in expectations (like shaved legs and such). Ah well, clothing is the least of my worries. It’s been so long since I indulged in witty repartee, I must practice forming sentences with beginnings, middles, and ends (it’s the ends that trip one up, you know).

  • The Happy Booker // Mar 25, 2005 at 10:46 am

    let’s leave the talk of ends out of this–mine is forming a break-away republic right now. Beginnings are fine, which with my ADD and TDD (technological deficit disorder) is about all i can handle these days. I am so WOWED by your redesign, all your tech-xpertise leaves me feeling woefully inadequate. I am lucky if I can post correctly! Wendi (email sometime, we can talk tech, and brunch, and the latest in blogwear–I prefer the motto: “elastic waistbands are our friends!”–we’re pretty loose in our interpretation of “casual friday attire” around here…)